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FREEMAN Model 1592 
Hydraulic Big Baler

The 1592 baler features a hydraulic plunger system that takes on the toughest baling jobs, including alfalfa, straw, bermuda, sudan, haylage and cornstalks.  The exclusive hydraulic drive system uses hydraulic relief valves instead of shear bolts to protect the baler. The feed system is reversible from the tractor seat, saving hours of labor time unplugging the baler.


  • Preserves original hay quality better than the gear-driven baler. 

  • Ensures that hay flows freely from the windrow through the feed chute directly into the bale chamber, without the use of a pre-compression chamber.

  • Hydraulically driven bale plunger only operates when the bale chamber is fully charged.

  • Bales up to 45 Tons per hour. 

  • Makes a uniform, compact 38" x 46" bale. 

  • The 38" height allows three high stacking during transportation. 

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