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FREEMAN Model 270 / 370
Self Propelled Small Balers

Baling with a 270/370 Self Propelled baler puts the operator in command, comfort and out of the weather.  As with all Freeman Balers, the Self Propelled Baler is built tough to stand up to demanding hay schedules.  Its rugged construction means less downtime, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs.


  • Hydrostatic Drive, which means no shifting.  The operator selects the speed with one control.  There is no pause, no lurch, no clutch or variable speed linkage to maintain.
  • Every bale is compact, neatly trimmed and uniform.  

  • Bales are easier to stack, haul, and they demand top market prices from buyers.

  • Highest capacity baler on the market, producing up to 30 tons per hour. 

  • Less downtime and higher production.  

  • Careful handling.  Freeman's synchronized feeding action assures gentle handling of the hay.  Hay is fed from pickup to bale chamber without bunching, piling up, or damaging leaves.  With leaves intact, hay in the bale is richer and more nutritious.

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