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FREEMAN Model 5400 
Big Bale Roadsider

The 5400 Roadsider saves you time and money transporting your hay from field to market.  It picks up 3 different sizes of bales at a rate of 60 tons per hour. 

The first Big Bale Roadsider was introduced by J.A. Freeman over a decade ago.  Since then, we have incorporated customer suggestions to create the finest, most rugged and reliable Roadsider in the world.   

The 5400 Roadsider and 1592 Big Baler combination is the one of the most cost effective, labor saving big bale systems available.

  • Stacks big bales up to 60 tons per hour.
  • Handles Freeman big bales, 4' x 4' big bales, or a variety of mid-size bales.
  • Cummins diesel power, 4-way air brakes and deluxe cab are standard.
  • Allows operator to cross tie a stack, which is useful when stacking on imperfect terrain.  

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